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29 Weeks of Pregnancy

29 Weeks of Pregnancy

The baby in your womb this week is 38 cm Longer, a bigger horse can be said to be the same. She weighs two and a half pounds. The muscles of the child will become more vigorous and her lungs will be better prepared to adapt to the outside world. Although the lung structure is not complete, the baby starts to breathe. The child’s eyes can detect light and the bone structure is completed. With the completed continuous development of the brain, the child’s skin remains solid.

The baby’s eyes now have full developed petals (eyelash). His vision will become clear and the brain will develop rapidly. He can see the light from the outside, even if it is unclear from the stomach. The whole meat and fat got under his skin, so he will now look quite clear. As you cross each week, your child’s chances of survival are rising if he is born early in life. If he is born this week, he may not have to do the artificial respiration.

You are pregnant this week

As the baby is growing in your stomach, the more space will be reduced and the pressure on other organs will continue to increase. For example, there will be pressure on the lungs, so that the lungs can not expand too much. And that’s why you will feel like feeling strained and you will not get any comfort in any way.

At this time, your chest burning problems and constipation can increase. Try to eat more fiber-free foods at this time. Fractured foods will help you prevent a few more potential problems this week. For example, with the formation of constipation, you may have a viral disease. Torture is a type of problem in the pregnancy where the blood vessels of the rhythm swell together. This problem can occur if the level of constipation in pregnancy is high. If you have problems with constipation since the early pregnancy then at this stage the problem may increase.

Even a small blood can be passed along with the mole during mating. Chest burns, constipation or arthritis – may be the source of three symptoms, the problem of the digestive system. Because now because the baby is growing up, pressure on your digestive system will increase, and the emission of hormones will also relax your digestive tract muscles.Watheys to gewithrelief from everything – Eat plenty of vegetables, drink plenty of water, walk regularly or do some exercise with light. If there is any bleeding or any symptoms, then do not hesitate to talk to the doctor. MENI PREGNANT MONTHS has reduced the T & A and Duffey from Antha Problems.

At the end of two cross-sectional hypotension. This is what happens when the blood pressure decreases due to standing in a single position for a long time, sitting or standing. Especially if he is lying down or standing suddenly by sitting or sitting.

Naturally, the mother’s abdominal muscles will increase substantially along with the growth of the baby. As the child continues to be completely diminished, this goodies mother’s weight increases significantly more than ever before.This weight can be up to six to ten kgs of baby weight.

Many pregnant women may notice that blogoodis released from the gums during the brush. This is not unusual. During pregnancy, the body hormone changes and igoodiesction may also occur in the stomach. The condition is called pregnancy gingivitis. The first thing that can be done to deal with these difficulties is to ensure regular brushing or brushing from the start of the pregnancy so that dental plaque is not created. In this case, with the advice of the dentist, it is necessary to know how to scalp the tooth and correct brush operation before pregnancy.

The stomach is expanding to increase the child, tanning in the skin. As a result, the stretch marks will start reading from the skin. These stains can be seen on your stomach, breasts, and thighs. At first, these stains will be like red lines, then gradually the silver will be colored ash.

Some Tips for Pregnancy This Week

During the last three months of pregnancy, the bone structure of the baby will be the most strong. So there should be enough milk or yogurt on your diet list every day. You must eat milk or yogurt at least two cups per day to provide the required calcium for the pregnant baby. Two other good sources of calcium are cheeses and small fish (such as corset).

If you have prints with milk or milk, then tell the doctor. If you can not have enough calcium content in the food list because of any other problem, talk to the doctor about it too. In that case, the doctor may ask you to take extra calcium and vitamin D supplements in tablet form with regular diet.

Regardless of the food, whether or not as an additional supplement, the caloric needs are being met. As well as a lot of Vitamin C-your body is getting. Eating more than Vitamin C rich fruit or fruit juices like orange, lemon, grapefruit or alike.

Another important problem for pregnant mother is to come to the water on foot. This problem can occur if you sit for long periods of time or hanging legs. So change the type of bedtime for a while but keep in mind that it does not have any effect on the stomach.

On the right side of our abdomen is the large vein infusion of vanilla, which runs from the lower part of the body to the blood vessel. If you are lying on the right side with heavy stomach during pregnancy, pressure on this shirt and blood circulation are interrupted. Lying on the left side leads to blood circulation, which can lead to blood circulation in the body of the child, and also reduces the accumulation of water in the legs. So, after five months, the mother is told to match down on her left side at least several hours.

Mothers can see many nightmares during pregnancy, and they are depressed. These mental changes are rare for all women. However, this is not a “clinical depression” disease, so it does not require any kind of treatment. The need is only for the family and the people around us. But if you do not take care of this, then he may slowly move towards depression.

It will then cause the child to be pregnant. The Metsa new turn in this time by giving support to the new one. Find out if your weight gain is normal, with the help of our pregnancy weight gain calculator. There are various physical problems during pregnancy. During this time there may be back pain, no sleep at night, constipation etc. The benefits of exercise are here. Regular exercise reduces pain in the back, constipation is removed. Exercise reduces stress and anxiety helps sleep at night. The appearance of the body brings brightness increasing blood circulation. At this time the joint becomes loose for the change of the heart.

So can be paid increasing hands, legs. Exercise is the lubricating fluid inside the joints, increasing the amount of hand, reduce the pain of the foot. Exerciselose the lower body muscle and prepare the body for delivery. Empowering muscle reduces labor pains during delivery. After pregnancy many changes in the body. These are often difficult to accept; So mand the mood is not good. When you exercise, a kind of chemical is released in the brain, which helps keep the heart healthy. Regular exercise during pregnancy increases the weight of your weight after becoming a baby. However, if you do not have any type of exercise, do not start any exercise yourself without consulting the doctor.

The mother’s diet should be kept healthy and balanced, so everyone should keep an eye on the family. In addition, the mother’s day meal will be divided into smaller portions. It will not be afraid of acidity. Start by counting the number of children kicking after 28 weeks have passed. Keep in mind that if you kill a child less than 10 times in 2 hours then you will have to go to your doctor immediately.

Mother always has the courage and courage of the family members. In any way, he cannot be told to be scared of fear. A mother and her family can give birth to a healthy, beautiful and vigorous child with proper preparation and mental courage.

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