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24 Weeks of Pregnancy

24 Weeks of Pregnancy

Your baby will weigh 100 grams in the 24th week of pregnancy. Now it will weigh about 450 grams. She is now about 12 inches long. Your baby’s blood vessel, which helps to stop diseases and infections, its structure will begin this week. Now fat will be kept in the folds of his skin, so he will need a good look at his fleshy appearance. One of the components of the body that will develop rapidly this week is the lungs and brain.

Bronchioles and bronchi will develop within the respiratory tree this week. Also, the production cell will also develop surfactant (a type of fluid that helps in breathing). This means that when the baby tries to breathe for the first time after birth, this liquid component called surfactant will help to spread the lungs.

Only in those developed countries, there is a system of emergency treatment and newborn emergency services, only one child born this week will survive.Generally, the possibility of surviving a baby born at 24 weeks of pregnancy is less likely, because its lungs and some other vital organs have not been fully developed. And if a child survives after birth at this time, then the risk of being disabled is much more.

You are pregnant this week

This week, your doctor may ask to see blood sugar to see blood sugar. The doctor’s attitude is different in this regard. Someone may ask you to test blood sugar through blood tests, someone may give the oral glucose tolerance test. For blood tests, you have to go to the stomach hospital in the morning and give blood samples.

Then you will be asked to drink glucose mixed water or to make breakfast. After two hours your blood sample will be taken again. This is the most accurate test for diabetes and it is said to be tested by the 24th week to see whether pregnant mother has diabetes. Many women are diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy. If they are healthy before then, due to hormones during pregnancy many people may develop diabetes.

Although diabetes is not a major danger during pregnancy, it can also cause complexity during childbirth, and may also have harmful effects on the baby in the womb. The mothers who have Gestational Diabetes, they grow up in the womb of their womb and have childbirth through Caesarean section.

There is a possibility of reducing the amount of glucose in the blood after the birth of the baby. As a result, the diabetic mother should start breastfeeding as soon as possible. Sometimes it can happen within half an hour of birth.

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From now on, a little milk will start to grow on your chest. Sometimes the nipple may cause slight fluid emission. There is nothing to worry about it. It is a very common phenomenon. Find out what to do if the fluid exits through the stem. Your cervical position will now be on your navel (Umbilicus).

When the child grows in the mother’s stomach and the growth of the mother’s stomach is also normal. It is not unusual for a mother to walk or to have a ‘waist pain’ and ‘knee pain’ during various activities. At this time, problems of bone joints can be considered as a cause of pain in the waist.

But due to ligament lapse during pregnancy, there may be a pain in the legs. And some hormones in the pregnancy are responsible for this. Nor can it be due to excess weight. After eating, the book may be irritable or indigestion and may lead to stomach swelling. During this time there is also the problem of swelling of many people, so it is important to take care of teeth and gums.

The feeling of constipation will not be removed soon. Drinking plenty of water at this time will be beneficial for you. It also reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.

Some Tips for Pregnancy This Week

There is no need to drink plenty of water for constipation. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. There are fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, banquets, pulses, flour etc. No medicines can be used to remove constipation without consulting the doctor.

It is very important to take care of pest during pregnancy. Dump should be kept clean during this time. During pregnancy, there is a lot of blood flow in the mouth. Therefore, care should be taken from morning to morning care. The need to brush the teeth before bedtime every morning and night. Consult a dentist if there is any problem in the tumor or gum.

Light exercises should be done but heavy work cannot be done. Should not work in groans or drowsy. Be careful while walking. We all know these but do not do it right. But be aware of the child’s future.

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Take care of every one of your own body. Please note that no pressure is made on the stomach during work time. Walking up the spine straight and trying to sit. Also, note that the food you are receiving is acceptable for health. That’s why your problem can be solved smoothly.

On the other hand, there is a special type of shoes in pain during pain, which is effective in reducing pain. Give rest on foot during the working hours of the day. After a while, reduce the pressure on the feet, hang legs. But sometimes it cannot be too much lying or sitting, due to which water can reach the feet.

If you have another child, start making him mentally for a new guest now. Many children do not want to easily share their houses, toys, clothes, and even parents with their new brothers/sisters. Learn more about how to prepare the first child mentally for a new baby.

Mothers can see many nightmares during pregnancy, and they are depressed. These mental changes are rare for all women. However, this is not a “clinical depression” disease, so it does not require any kind of treatment. But if you do not take care of this, then he may slowly move towards depression. It will then cause the child to be pregnant. Tachra gets a new turn in this time by giving support to the new one.

If there is excessive weight during pregnancy, then there is a risk of developing many complications during childbirth, especially during childbirth. Find out if your weight gain is normal, with the help of our pregnancy weight gain calculator.

Take your partner along with you when you go to a doctor. Then both of them will be able to know about the pregnancy problems.

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