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21 Weeks of Pregnancy

21 Weeks of Pregnancy

This week’s pregnancy is 27 cm long and the size of the child weighing 340 grams can be compared to pomegranate. His eyebrows and eyelash development will become clear by nowadays. From now on, if the child is a girl, her vagina will start to develop.

The ability of the child to taste is now fully developed. Now he receives some amniotic fluid daily. It is not only for nutrition but also for the consumption of food and digestion. The taste of the amniotic fluid depends on what you eat. Studies have shown that during pregnancy you will eat more than the food, after the birth, the baby will be attracted to the taste of the taste. So try to eat balanced food from now on.

At the time of conception, the baby’s brain will now begin to control its muscles. So baby movements will feel more powerful now. Kicking and punching the child, you will find it very strongly now. It seems that the movements that you have to look like tirelessly nowadays can sometimes be a session in the Karate session. A specific pattern of its movements will now be ready. You’ll understand yourself when he’s awake and when he’s resting.

In 21 weeks the child becomes more active and able to swallow. During this time, a trend of sleeping and waking up was made. The child is not asleep or sleeping in the wake of this sleeping or sleeping mother. Maybe, when the mother is sleeping at night, the child is awake and moving. Although the baby’s lungs can not work properly, the child continues to practice breathing so that he can survive outside the uterus. At this time, the child is receiving oxygen from the mother through her pulse and till she is born, she will continue to receive oxygen from her mother.

During the pregnancy you

Because of the stomach, you grow, now you will be able to understand that you are pregnant. But at this time it is the most comfortable time of pregnancy because the first quarter-stage nausea and morning sickness will no longer be there. Enjoy this time, because the last quarter could bring more new problems.

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You may still have some minor problems. For example, due to the change of hormones, your skin will become oily than before and it can lead to acne.

There are two things to think about at this time. They are spider vein and varicose vein. Both of these are related to blood clotting problems which are not so complex.

Spider vane seems quite prominent on the skin, but it usually does not have any pain. After childbirth it is mixed. The ankles, feet, and even lower-headed veins of the face skin are twisted in a way that looks like a spider.

In the case of a varicose vein, the lower blood vessels of the feet and vulva skin swell and swell and look like a blue or purple line. In some cases, only nothing happens except the swelling of the veins freely. However, sometimes a little pain can cause itching, the legs may look heavy, even if the veins are shaking inside. If someone is standing all day in this state, then the swelling of the veins by the evening may appear prominently. Sit at the feet as fast as you can to get rid of such problems, or relax your feet, listen to the left and wear tight stocking.

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Along with good soap or face wash, you must wash your mouth twice. Moreover, it is not right to use make-up or moisturizers that can cause acne on your face. Try to use oil-free products. Acne should be careful about the use of antibiotics (oral antibiotic), and direct anti-aging (Dermatologist) advice, because any antibiotic can be harmful to the baby in the womb. If you have to take any pauses for acne, then keep in touch with the skin specialist that you are pregnant.

It is better to avoid using high-heeled shoes during pregnancy. Because of this, due to the constant increase of body weight, it is better to use comfortable flat shoes instead of heel shoe to protect balance.

Today many women are working. Working women do not have to sit in the house completely. To go out to work. But traveling, we understand that we are traveling far away. If you travel somewhere far away, you have to travel safely. The trip that takes a lot of shocks (like walking on a rickshaw, scooter or bus on a bad street) is more laboring, it is better not to do it.

Avoid long, exhausting travels (the first 3 months and the last one and a half months). If you have to travel alone, you should consult a doctor. Increased vaginal secretion during pregnancy. But if excess vaginal discharge, stomach or with itching or any other disease, it would be completely rectified before the delivery with the advice of the doctor. Otherwise, the vaginal disorder can attack the baby’s eyes, navel, or any other place in the body during delivery. For example, gonorrhea disease is easily infected with the baby’s eyes and can cause serious damage to the baby’s eye within a few days.

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During pregnancy, dental care is very important. The tooth should be kept clean at this time. During pregnancy, there is a lot of blood flow in the mouth. Therefore, care should be taken from morning to morning care. Toothbrush needs to be brushed every morning and night before bed.

If you have a problem with a tooth or gum, consult a dentist. If the teeth are bad, then calcium-rich foods such as milk, ghee, butter, small fish (Katich) etc. are filled with the lack of calcium. Calcium tablets can be used according to the doctor’s advice. If bleeding from the gums, eating Vitamin-C-rich foods gives good results.

Light-to-medium exercise habits keep your body healthy during pregnancy. For example – walking. Every day a walk will help to adjust your body’s joint joints, muscles, heart, blood circulation heart excessive demand on the lungs.

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Regularly talk to a doctor about whether your weight is growing properly during pregnancy and follow the advice. Take the help of our Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator in this regard.

The child receives all her nutrition from her mother. So take care of your child as well. Take care of them for adequate rest, physical work, food at the right time.

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