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20 Weeks of Pregnancy

20 Weeks of Pregnancy

Congratulations! You came halfway through the greedy way. The baby in your womb is equal to a collar in the 20th week. The baby is now 20 centimeters tall and weighs about 340 grams. During this time, the dental hygiene will begin in the baby’s jaw. The baby will grow fast from now on and will gradually be consistent with the body in her head.

By this week the child’s taste glands will be well-organized. Now your baby will swallow amniotic fluid from the mouth and it will be repaired by the kidneys and it will be removed from the body. Along with the thin layer of skin, this amniotic fluid will keep the child’s body warm.

As soon as the child is formed separately, he can now send the signal from the outside to the brain through the intersection. Now you will sing for the child’s sleeping song, after the birth of that song, he will sleep.

The baby will be very active this week of pregnancy and you will find her movements. If you still do not understand the movement, there is nothing to worry about because all mothers can understand child movements at a time.

You are pregnant this week

At the end of this week, you will pass half of the pregnancy. It’s a matter of being happy! If your weight increases by 10 pounds this time, from now on it will grow by one to two pounds per week. If there is excessive weight during pregnancy, then there is a risk of developing many complications during childbirth, especially during childbirth. Find out if your weight gain is normal, with the help of our pregnancy weight gain calculator.

The temperature may rise slightly due to increased blood flow in the body. Your heart is working faster than ever before to supply adequate oxygen to both of them. Try to make it balanced eating a balanced diet.

Your rash may be hot during this time. Since your body temperature may be more than a few degrees higher than usual, it can cause more sweating. Try its cotton and wear comfortable lingerie.

Black spots can appear in the middle of your stomach and chest. It’s normal because your stomach is expanding to make your growing baby a place. As the stomach grows up, the skin may be tarnished and it may also cause irritation.

The secretion of vaginal discharge can be increased at this time. Normal discharge milk will be white and transparent. If the discharge is not odorous and there is no scratching in the vagina, then there is nothing to be worried about the amount or type of discharge.

If you go to a very fast position from the position of a chair, or after you take a bath, then you may feel like losing your knowledge. Slowly from the chair. And if you ever feel like losing your knowledge then hold tight to what is in your hand and walk slowly.

After eating, the book may be irritable or indigestion and may lead to stomach swelling. During this time there is also the problem of swelling of many people, so it is important to take care of teeth and gums.

Get pregnant this week

During the pregnancy, excess blood circulation occurs due to the increase in the demand for iron content in the blood. There will be plenty of vegetables to eat, as well as many foods rich in iron ingredients should be kept in your food list.

For some common reasons, you may feel tired at this time, and sleep will also be a problem. It is very normal to not sleep during this time, and according to the reason its proper solution is also not less. For example, if you have sleep problems for bed stool, leaving a pillow below the belly can be a solution. To keep the baby’s baby good, your body will not be able to cure excessively. If you get tired easily, take a break as often as you can when possible, and take tiredness easily.

What to do with the stain and waist stomach? There are many types of cream available to remove the stains on the skin due to tension in the skin. But, it is never certain that all creams work the same way. If there is no problem in using a special cream during pregnancy, you can start using that cream from the very beginning of pregnancy.

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It will be difficult for you to stand in a single place from now on. You will notice that your leg’s veins are quite clear. With the increase in the size of the baby, changes in the mass center of your body will also change and your balance of increased weight will be difficult. Try to wear an equally sized shoe and whenever you feel you can lose balance if you stand or sit in some way, do not do that.

Mothers can see many nightmares during pregnancy, and they are depressed. These mental changes are rare for all women. However, this is not a “clinical depression” disease, so it does not require any kind of treatment. The need is only for the family and the people around us. But if you do not take care of this, then he may slowly move towards depression. It will then cause the child to be pregnant. Besides gets a new turn in this time by giving support to the new one.

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