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19 Weeks of Pregnancy

19 Weeks of Pregnancy

The mango shaped baby will spend almost all of the time sleeping in the 19th week of pregnancy. It will be the biggest increase in sleep, and the energy needed to mature her will also be saved. When the child is awake, you can also find out very well from outside. Five senses will become well-organized, through which the child will taste, smell the smell, listen to the sound. According to some research, the child can now listen to you. So now you can talk with him. You can listen to stories or songs.

The skin around the skin will have a fat fiber called vernix, which protects the skin from the amniotic fluid around the skin. At the time of delivery, the coating disappears slowly.

Soon his fingering will become clear. That means, from now on there will be a fingerprint carrying his persona. From kidneys, regular urine will be formed, with a large portion of which will be mixed with Amniotic Fluid. The baby’s weight is now around 240 grams and 7 inches tall.

You are pregnant this week

Due to stressful muscles, your stomach and pelvic pain can cause severe pain. Some pregnant mother suffers from the intolerable pain of the pelvic cycle and needs treatment. You can try some Pelvic Floor Exercise.

You may feel like losing your knowledge after you get up too fast from the position of sitting on the chair, or after you take a bath. Slowly from the chair. And if you ever feel like losing your knowledge then hold tight to what is in your hand and walk slowly. Know what might be the reason for losing knowledge.

Already, your weight must have increased by about 8/14 pounds (3 to 6 kg) than before. Be careful about what you are eating.You do not want to increase your weight excessively. If there is excessive weight during pregnancy, then there is a risk of developing many complications during childbirth, especially during childbirth. Find out if your weight gain is normal, with the help of our pregnancy weight gain calculator.

Over the last few months, due to the position of the baby below the pregnancy, urinalysis is under high pressure and your urine speed is definitely much higher than usual. From now on, it will be a lot less, because now the pressure on the microtubule will be reduced. If it is not, and if it is irritable during urination then it is necessary to show the doctor. During pregnancy, many girls may experience urinary infection and they may cause kidney damage if it is not properly treated.

As the blood flow to the body increases, the feeling of your warmth will also be higher. At this time the blood can be drained by the nose. Some of the noses are closed. After eating, the book may be irritable or indigestion and may lead to stomach swelling. During this time there is also the problem of swelling of many people, so it is important to take care of teeth and gums.

This week’s pregnancy can be done

As you are now able to make the uterus growing constantly, your muscles and ligaments will increase, you can feel a little pain. If you do not start exercising yet, you can do one or two exercises at this stage. This will keep your muscles strong. But yes, being able to stay active as well, you also need to know how much you can work for the body. Find out which expenditures will keep you strong, and any expenditures should be excluded during pregnancy.

Add more protein, folic acid, and urine rich foods to your daily diet list. These ingredients are much more needed for the growth of the baby growing in your womb. Try eating plenty of Vitamin-C.

As your body temperature increases, try soft and lax cloth. Do not wear synthetic fabrics.

It is very important to take care of pest during pregnancy. Dump should be kept clean during this time. During pregnancy, there is a lot of blood flow in the mouth. Therefore, care should be taken from morning to morning care. The need to brush the teeth before bedtime every morning and night. Consult a dentist if there is any problem in the tumor or gum.

Depending on the child’s growth during pregnancy, depending on the mother. Healthy mother means healthy children. The mother needs to provide all kinds of food for the full growth of the baby. The mother also eats the food, the children also eat the food and get nutrients. For this reason, the need for a pregnant mother is much more than normal women.

The child will not get better without taking the right amount of food. As a result, children are born with malnutrition. Find out what to eat during pregnancy and find out what foods are needed for the baby’s mother and mother.

  • Learn about baby’s birth defects, be aware, resist.
  • Learn about pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure during pregnancy.

You can now find the name of the child as part of the time spent. You can get help from Fairyland Baby Names Finder to know the meaning of beautiful Arabic or Bengali name and name of the child.

Finally, it should be remembered that pregnant mother should always be free from sunshine and anxiety. Because the condition of the mother during pregnancy affects the child’s development, which is proven in the study.
Take your partner along with you when you go to a doctor. Then both of them will be able to know about the pregnancy problems.

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