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18 Weeks of Pregnancy

18 Weeks of Pregnancy

This week you are officially four months pregnant. This week of pregnancy is very important because usually, you can get the child’s movements during this time. This week, the size of the baby in the womb is roughly like a sweet potato. The baby is now 5.5 inches long and weighing around 200 grams. In this week, the child’s appearance will become more visible and his eyebrows and eye-toes will be fully well-organized. Already his arms and legs will grow and his hands will become stronger. During this ultrasound examination, the child may be sucking his thumb finger.

Signal transport from the rest of the body to the brain and from the brain to the rest of the body will be very strong now. There will be a cover called Myelin Sheath on his brain nerves. The baby in your womb will now respond more strongly to the light and the words. So, keep the sleeping song going on.

The baby will now roll around in your stomach, turn around, kick, poke. However, there is no reason to think that it can harm the child. Because there is still enough space for the baby in your womb, even after having amniotic fluid, placenta, and navel, where it can relax.

If the child is a girl child then her Falcon tube and the uterus have been formed at their specific place, and if the child is a boy, her genitalia is fully developed and it can be seen in the ultrasound.

You are pregnant this week

The uterus is growing in the middle of your navel and pelvic circle. Already the weight of your weight should be approximately 5/10 pounds (2 to 5 kg). Be careful about what you are eating. You do not want to increase your weight excessively. If there is excessive weight during pregnancy, then there is a risk of developing many complications during childbirth, especially during childbirth. Find out if your weight gain is normal, with the help of our pregnancy weight gain calculator.

Now maybe you are feeling very refreshing, but your sleep problems may not be complete and may be solved. This will be a big reason for your growing stomach. If you cry out, your heavier-growing uterus will push backward. More specifically, the pressure will fall into the sciatic nerve and there will be acute pain.

Try to sleep on the left corner. By kneeling knees, taking one or two pillows on your back, you will find comfort. This will reduce your pelvic muscles and muscles around the hip. You will get relief from the problem of tummy tucked back with a long pillow under the abdomen. Find out how to sleep more comfortably. It is better not to have a pillow on the back of the knee because there is a risk of blood clotting and bleeding on one side.

If you are fortunate you may not have problems with headaches, but many pregnant women feel very headache till then. A headache in pregnancy is a very common phenomenon but if its intensity is intolerable then it should be assumed that this is a major problem. In that case, you have to talk to a doctor very quickly. If your headache is only due to changes in the hormones, then you can get relief from a headache through some natural ingredients.

Get pregnant this week

Depending on the child’s growth during pregnancy, depending on the mother. Healthy mother means healthy children. The mother needs to provide all kinds of food for the full growth of the baby. The mother also eats the food, the children also eat the food and get nutrients. For this reason, the need for a pregnant mother is much more than normal women. The child will not get better without taking the right amount of food. As a result, children are born with malnutrition. Find out what to eat during pregnancy and find out what foods are needed for the baby’s mother and mother.

As you are now able to make the uterus growing constantly, your muscles and ligaments will increase, you can feel a little pain. If you do not start exercising yet, you can do one or two exercises at this stage. This will keep your muscles strong. But yes, being able to stay active as well, you also need to know how much you can work for the body. Find out which expenditures will keep you strong, and any expenditures should be excluded during pregnancy.

To ensure regular brushing or brushing of teeth from the onset of pregnancy, so that dental plaque is created. In this case, with the advice of the dentist, it is necessary to know the method of scaling of teeth and correct brush operation before pregnancy. According to the doctor’s advice, it is necessary to stop the consumption of sugar in the intervening period of food. As it is possible to reduce body weight, it is easy to prevent dental decay. However, the required amount of sugar is absolutely necessary for the consumption of food.

A healthy environment can only give birth to a healthy baby. When reading religious books at this time, it is possible to create a beautiful, healthy baby in real life if you dream of a beautiful child. It is now also scientific evidence that there is a child’s relationship with the mother. Therefore, the mother must be happy, the family will also have to support the mother.

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If the pregnancy experience is new to you then know that due to the movement of the baby during your pregnancy, it may bubble in your stomach or feel like a stroke inside, sometimes as it is due to gas or indigestion. You may feel that a butterfly has entered the stomach and is constantly flying. By 17-18 weeks the baby’s movement is usually found in the womb.

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