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14 Weeks of Pregnancy

14 Weeks of Pregnancy

This week is your second week of the Second Trimester. This is the simplest time for most mothers than the other two Trimester. By the 14th week, the baby in the womb will have a lemon size. Her heart rate will now be very strong and it will be heard clearly in the ultrasound test. Her heartbeat will now run faster, which is twice the normal heart rate of an adult. The length of the baby from the foot to the head will be approximately 85 millimeters (3.5 inches) at this stage.

Alongside the heart, along with other parts of the child this week, other parts of the child will also be actively involved. Kidney urine will create. The liver will lick the bile, and the pancreas will emit hormones. Your pet warrior will not only shake hands and feet but with a gentle punch and kick. He will start practicing eye-to-eye curb or diarrhea.

In the meantime, your child’s head covered in the hair. The face and body of the child will be covered in hair and hair so that the body is warm. This thin, soft-hairy coat is called Lanugo. Now the baby’s head will not fall on the chest, but the head of the body will be freed from the rest of the body, through the full form of the throat.

You are pregnant this week

Suddenly the feeling is different? It is very normal to feel like it during the three months of pregnancy. Because the early signs of pregnancy will no longer be there. You will feel more refreshing during this time. Very few pregnant women come to this stage and have morning sickness. Most of the parents can now feel happy that the day has passed.

The new symptoms that may arise at this stage are a tremendous appetite for a particular diet. You might want to eat all the foods that were never on your favorite list.As you are now able to make the uterus growing constantly, your muscles and ligaments will increase, you can feel a little pain.

If you do not start exercising yet, you can do one or two exercises at this stage. This will keep your muscles strong. But yes, being able to stay active as well, you also need to know how much you can work for the body. Find out which expenditures will keep you strong, and any expenditures should be excluded during pregnancy.

Your baby is an outward object for your body. The general tendency of the body’s immune system is to reject it when it comes to external objects. Without body rejecting the baby as an external object, the body then weakens the defense system itself.

As a result, the chances of getting infected by the disease are increased. Because of this, your cooling or fever can increase during this time. Be careful to eat any medicines during pregnancy. Most anti-histamine drugs and some other drugs are prohibited during pregnancy. Find out, it is risky to eat any kind of medicines during pregnancy.

The temperature may rise slightly due to increased blood flow in the body. Your heart is working faster than ever before to supply adequate oxygen to both of them. Try to make it balanced eating a balanced diet.

Some suggestions this week

This is the perfect time to travel somewhere. Because for the next three months you are getting refreshed again and now there is no fear of abortion. Take care of every one of your own body. Please note that no pressure is made on the stomach during work time.

Walking up the spine straight and trying to sit. Also, note that the food you are receiving is acceptable for health. That’s why your problem can be solved smoothly.

On the other hand, there is a special type of shoes in pain during pain, which is effective in reducing pain. Give rest on foot during the working hours of the day. After a while, reduce the pressure on the feet, hang legs. But sometimes it cannot be too much lying or sitting on it, water can reach its feet.

However, sitting in the most effective sukhasan. If this yoga practice is practiced regularly before the baby is born, then no pains mentioned above will not be able to bind your body.

Regularly brushing teeth or brushing should ensure that the dental plaque is not sourced from the start of the pregnancy. In this case, with the advice of the dentist, it is necessary to know the method of scaling of teeth and correct brush operation before pregnancy.

According to the doctor’s advice, it is necessary to stop the consumption of carbohydrates in the intervening period of food. As it is possible to reduce body weight, it is easy to prevent dental decay. However, the required amount of sugar is absolutely necessary for the consumption of food.

Light exercises should be done but heavy work cannot be done. Should not work in groans or drowsy. Be careful while walking. We all know these but do not do it right. But be aware of the child’s future.

Learn about pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure during pregnancy. Be careful, from now on.

Finally, it should be remembered that pregnant mother should always be free from sunshine and anxiety. Because the condition of the mother during pregnancy affects the child’s development, which is proven in the study.

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