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13 Weeks of Pregnancy

13 Weeks of Pregnancy

The baby in your womb can now be compared to the size of a tomato. If the child of the womb is a daughter, then already 200,000 eggs will be deposited in her ovary. The fingerprints of his fingerprints will also be visible as a symbol of the child’s personality.

The intestine of the child will already move from the navel to its permanent position. Every time a child is born, the diaphragm (abdominal and chest curtains) will be stronger. Vocal cord will be added to your baby’s development this week (from where the word is created). When she is hungry after birth, she needs to be dirty or she will feel annoyed, then with the help of this Vocal cord, she will tell you to cry or cry!

The baby’s body is covered with hair now. Now if you want you can listen to sleeping songs because the listening sense will be well formed within it. The taste and smell of the baby will be strong enough now.

Body changes this week

By the end of this week, your second ‘three months’ (Trimester) will start. There will be no new symptoms of pregnancy at this stage. Your uterus will now form a grapefruit. Even morning sickness will be reduced considerably. But at this time you may have a strong desire to eat some special food. It may also be that the food you want to eat may not be good at other times.

Because of the physical condition of the past few weeks, you must have been very angry with your partner, maybe it seems to you that today this situation is your situation. Your attraction to your partner will be more intense this week. Now you feel more relaxed. Many women have been told that at this time sexual desire (libido) is increased and at this stage of pregnancy, they enjoyed the most enjoyment.

This is due to the emission of estrogen hormones and excess blood circulation in your reproductive system. There is no problem in sexual intercourse if the doctor is not prohibited for any reason. Sexual intercourse during pregnancy does not harm the child. Love is also needed for the health of a woman during pregnancy. Sexual intercourse helps in pregnancy better prepared for delivery of mother’s health.

The feeling of constipation will not be removed soon. Drinking plenty of water at this time will be beneficial for you. It also reduces the risk of urinary tract infections. Find out from our article about how to cure constipation or what to do at that time.

Some suggestions this week

The good news at this stage of pregnancy is that your morning sickness will be gone. But now you have a lot of hunger? Try to eat fruit salad or leafy vegetables if you are hungry during the three main meals so that the needs of balanced foods are also met.

Is everything messing up? Forgetting small things during pregnancy? That may be so. It is good to keep the body active during this time, but also to know that it can not be exercised at some time. It is important to know whether your body has HIV / AIDS or Hepatitis B virus, during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, do not forget to read about it.

  • Learn about exercise during pregnancy

The healthy environment can only give birth to a healthy baby. When reading religious books at this time, it is possible to create a beautiful, healthy baby in real life if you dream of a beautiful child. It is now also scientific evidence that there is a child’s relationship with the mother. Therefore, the mother must be happy, the family will also have to support the mother.

It is very important to take care of pest during pregnancy. Dump should be kept clean during this time. During pregnancy, there is a lot of blood flow in the mouth. Therefore, care should be taken from morning to morning care. The need to brush the teeth before bedtime every morning and night. Consult a dentist if there is any problem in the tumor or gum.

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