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12 Weeks of Pregnancy

12 Weeks of Pregnancy

The size of the baby in the womb can be compared to this week. At this stage, the length of the child will be approximately 5 centimeters and its complex system will already be fully formed. They will develop and grow in the next 5 months. The hands and toes of the baby will now open constantly and stop and will start to move legs. Pairing hands will be completely separated by hand this week.

The child gets a little less urine from the kidneys, mixed with the special fluid (amniotic fluid) that the child flows into. The intestine of the child will continue to be contraindicated and spread. In that special fluid, the child will breathe in from the immersion. This week, all his organs will be completed and they will develop in the next time.

This week’s most dramatic change is the Baby Reflex When you keep your stomach in your stomach, your baby may get repaired. However, you can not feel it from outside. The baby’s face is now completely human. The position of the eye has come from the side of the head and the ears are in their fixed position.

This week your physical changes

The first three months of pregnancy are going to be full this week. However, now you will not be able to feel baby shaky because your uterus is just above the pubic bone at this stage.

Due to the elevation of the uterus from inside the pelvic circle, a lot of space will now become empty for the bladder, so your urine speed will be lesser than before.

Your nipple color will be darker this week, and a line of light called Linea Nigra will be visible from the navel to the bottom of the abdomen. Three out of 4 pregnant mothers have seen this stain.

Now that your body is bleeding excessively, your skin glow increases. If you have acne on your skin it will also be removed and the skin will become more smooth and shiny.

This week’s taxable

This is the time of the first meeting with the doctor for pre-pre-service. During this time your ultrasound will also be done. In this, the risk of abortion to has decreased. So now you can tell everyone the good news.

After scanning the first ultrasound, if you see your abdominal position slightly lower then there is nothing to worry about. In 90% of cases, the womb was again up to 28 weeks.

Take your partner along with you when you go to a doctor. Then both of them will be able to know about the pregnancy problems.

The growth of the baby during pregnancy depends largely on the mother. Healthy mother means healthy children. The mother needs to provide all kinds of food for the full growth of the baby. The mother also eats the food, the children also eat the food and get nutrients.

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For this reason, the need for a pregnant mother is much more than normal women. The child will not get better without taking the right amount of food. As a result, children are born with malnutrition. Find out what to eat during pregnancy and find out what foods are needed for the baby’s mother and mother.

Light exercises should be done but heavy work cannot be done. Should not work in groans or drowsy. Be careful while walking. We all know these but do not do it right. But be aware of the child’s future.

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