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11 Weeks of Pregnancy

11 Weeks of Pregnancy

Half-inch long and the baby-shaped baby’s basic structure has already been completed. The body of the baby is increasing now, to balance the extra large head. The baby’s skin is so transparent that its blood vessels are clearly visible.

Small parts of the body, such as nails, tooth gums, haircut etc. are now being formed a little bit. At this stage, the joint of the child will be separated from the joint. The diaphragm of the child will begin to form. This is a curtain, which separates the chest and stomach.

At this time, the child will continually get rid of. Both of them will already be sitting in their proper position. The ovaries will be ready for the girl children this week.

At this time, the child takes and releases amniotic fluid through breathing, which helps in the formation of its lungs. The baby’s ear starts to grow slowly from the two sides of the head. Although the baby’s eyes are still closed she is not asleep at all. Although you will not notice his movements right now, but from now on he will start his hand pants.

Body changes this week

By this week your size of the breast will start to grow, so the lingerie should be comfortable. If you have acne on your face, then notice that they are getting better.

Due to morning sickness will decrease at this stage, but emotional ups and downs will still be playing with your mind. If you are happy you will be very upset in the next moment. But there is nothing to be worried about, these feelings during pregnancy are quite normal and it will be right over time. Problems with the problem of mother’s problem in pregnancy are not unusual. This is due to hormonal changes which reduce the digestive power. There may also be symptoms of burning sensation and burning.

Due to increased body metabolism, body temperature may increase during this period. Due to increase in blood flow, the body may be hot and may cause excessive sweating. During pregnancy, it is possible to press your thumb around both ankles to see if the foot is swollen during the first three months of pregnancy.

If there is a small hole in the point where the pressure is pressed and it quickly disappears, then it is understandable that water has reached its feet. As the salt increases in the body, the ankle swelling of the feet and the water accumulates. When the body is in the water or the body swallows, according to the doctor’s advice, patients should check blood pressure, urine, and weight.

  • Learn about pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure during pregnancy.

This week’s pregnancy can be done

Now. You are free from the risk of miscarriage. So now you can start a maternity plan. Talk to a nurse or a skilled midwife, who will take appropriate care and care during your childbirth.

By the end of this week, you will not be able to eat extra folic acid, as your baby’s neural tube structure has already been completed. Now, even in the days ahead, balanced diet cannot be stopped.

There is no need to drink plenty of water for constipation. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. There are fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, banquets, pulses, flour etc. No medicines can be used to remove constipation without consulting the doctor.

During pregnancy, dental care is very important. Dump should be kept clean during this time. During pregnancy, there is a lot of blood flow in the mouth. Therefore, care should be taken from morning to morning care. The need to brush the teeth before bedtime every morning and night. Consult a dentist for any problems that may be caused by a tooth or gum.

A healthy environment can only give birth to a healthy baby. When reading religious books at this time, it is possible to create a beautiful, healthy baby in real life if you dream of a beautiful child. It is now also scientific evidence that there is a child’s relationship with the mother. Therefore, the mother must be happy, the family will also have to support the mother.

Should not work in groans or drowsy. Be careful while walking. We all know these but do not do it right. But be aware of the child’s future.

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