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10 tips to spend time with your child

10 tips to spend time with your child

Nowadays this is the time that all of us have very little time. It is very difficult to give time to the children on the job of the job parents. The news of hope is that many studies have shown that little children love to have a better time with their parents than for a long time. Maybe you can not stay with the baby all day. But as much as you can, use the right one. You can also get rid of the stress of the day as well as the child.

Having some nice time with the child is very important for the child’s development. Take a little note whenever the child thinks that he can not get you his own opinion, he may be tired or persistent without reason. It tries to attract your attention. So try to spend time each day with full attention at least for a child. This applies to both parents and mothers. Below are 10 tips to spend time in a beautiful way with the baby.


Take a break from the outside for some time with the baby. Outside to say far away. Whether it is down the street or buy something from a grocery store, take the child with you. Take a few moments of his hands, walk or tell a little race with him so that you must lose. You will see how much positive impact this child will have for a short time. You can feel in his behavior.

Tips- 2

Make the child your job. Work with her without letting the TV be mobile or mobile at work time. During cooking, he might have given an onion, when he was working at the house, asked to give him something to work or give him a snap. When your Lakshmissona will roam around you and talk to you in a half-and-a-half-a-half-a-dozen words, you will see that such a game becomes a game and your hand job will also be in comfort. This will encourage a lot of children too.


Post the baby after the book. It will be good for you to learn as well as your child. Take a book for your child so that there will be plenty of color and picture. As soon as you read, introduce the child to different colors and pictures of the book. Ask questions as well. And admire her right answer.


In the morning dinner or dinner at the dinner table, when you can spend time together with one family every day. Talk about how well you spent eating a day to eat. Not a guru is a serious discussion, not a teacher or reading story. Talk to him in the mood of the holiday. Discuss table manners, food flavors, materials, colors, or recipes in the stories. Kids will also like.

Tips- 5

Start with a piece of paper and some color with the child. See what she likes to paint. If you prefer a car, take a few cars on the paper. Do not forget to embrace your baby just as you love him. Your little enthusiasm will make a lot of love for him. The time of this game will make your relationship with the child beautiful and develop the talent of the child.


Spend some time with the baby before sleeping. You can tell a favorite story of a child before sleeping. This will keep the child calm and sleep easily. Keep the TV off at least hours before sleeping.


If your hobby has any work, take the child with you. You might like to garden or paint a picture. Invite the child to these tasks. Both of them will have a good time.


All the kids love to travel outside. Take your child out on a weekly holiday. If you do not want to go anywhere, you go somewhere around the back. Nowadays there are great fast food shops where there is a great place to eat dancing kids. You can visit if you want.

Tips- 9

Instead of leaving the TV remote to leave the child or leaving the TV to watch the TV itself, instead of removing him, you take your junior to sit in front of the TV. Play a movie suitable for the child and play a movie together but you can play a role. Another thing is to keep your kids away from all your time, become your child’s friend, open your eyes to the child. By doing this, your child will be able to move a little bit ahead of his mental development as soon as he enjoys some wonderful moments.


If your child loves to paint, then you can buy clothes that are clothed. Get out of the house and get them old T-shirts. Now let’s have fun to paint them with joy.
It’s important to keep an eye on the subject. Give your child to the full attention of the holes that you spend with the baby at the same time. Turn off the mobile if necessary. Which seems more important to you than it is not important to your child. If you do not have enough time with the kids, try not to give up with a gift. It’s equal to bribe. If you do not have time to do any work, express regret for it. Give your children time off for one day. Coming together with each other is a gift.

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